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First Visit

Image by Bernard Hermant

Good Day and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in Divine Healing From Genesis


  • Required: Completion of Massage Therapy Intake Form 48-hours prior to your appointment

    • Incomplete forms day of appointment result in appointment cancellation

  • Required: Appointment confirmation emailed 48-hours prior

  • Please be sure to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your first appointment so there is enough time to:

    • Locate the suite

    • Use the restroom

    • Go over the Intake Form

    • Ask/Answer any questions you may have

  • Optional: Masks

    • ​Please communicate in advance if you would like your therapist to wear a mask during your session 

  • Optional: Pre-Appointment Wellness Screening


  • Required: Acknowledgment of policies in place will be "Step 3" in the Massage Therapy Intake Form

  • Please read each carefully and be sure the Massage Therapy Intake Form is completed at least 48-hours prior to your first appointment

    • General Liability Release

    • Cancellation Policy

    • Late Arrival Policy

    • Inappropriate Behavior Policy

    • COVID-19 Precautionary Release

    • Credit Card Authorization​




Online Profile

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Online Profile

  • Please be sure to become familiar with your online profile

  • If you need any assistance feel free to reach out at your convenience

With your online profile you will be able to:

  • Book an appointment

  • Request to be added onto a Waitlist

    • If you would like to be contacted on a last minute cancellation, feel free to request addition to the Waitlist

    • Select which client to schedule for (Either yourself or a family member if you have created a "Family Profile")

    • Select "Genesis-" from the "Staff or Discipline" drop down menu

    • Select the appropriate session you want to schedule

    • Choose your available timeframe (Dates, Times, and Days of the Week)

    • Feel free to use the provided notes section to state the reason for your visit or anything you'd like to share

  • View upcoming appointments

  • View appointment history

  • Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

  • Add Family Members and Friends!

  • View any Required Forms that must be completed

  • Subscribe to your calendar

  • and so much more!​

How to Schedule​​

  • On the Online Booking Page:

    • Select the type of therapy from the left hand side or scroll down to the therapy of choice

    • Select duration of therapy session 

    • Calendar will automatically jump to first available date 

    • Select date and time that'll work best for you (Continue with one session or schedule multiple sessions at once)

    • Required: Place valid credit card on file

    • Optional: Provide reason for visit

    • Select email/text reminders

    • Subscribe to your calendar

    • Review cancellation policy

    • Complete Massage Therapy Intake Form

  • Valid credit card required to be placed on file in order to proceed with scheduling

    • Credit Card would only be charged in the event there is a violation of the Cancellation Policy, Late Arrival Policy, or Inappropriate Behavior Policy

  • Family/Friends:

    • Please schedule family member/friend with their information. It is important to schedule the client who will be receiving the therapy session appropriately so their bodies can be addressed accordingly!​

    • If the appointment is a surprise, feel free to contact your therapist so it can be planned and scheduled accordingly

How to Schedule

Image by Aron Visuals

How to Prepare

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

How to Prepare

  • Please be prepared to review your Massage Therapy Intake Form prior to the start of your appointment

    • It is important to your therapist to review your Intake Form and understand​ your Medical History and Massage Preferences

  • Whether you are wanting a therapeutic session, relaxation session, or combination of both please keep the following in mind:

    • It is important for you to be and feel comfortable at all times

    • If you are uncomfortable at any time, please let your therapist know

    • Please keep in mind that therapeutic benefits can be achieved with various pressures and techniques- Some of the most powerful techniques are only 5-grams of pressure! 

    • Your body must be ready to receive the therapy

  • 1-10 Scale:​​​ It is important for you to be mindful and remain in a tolerable level of the "hurt so good".

    • A 5-7 is typically a good number to therapeutically stay in because you are able to breathe and relax through the therapeutic aspect of the session. 

    • Every client's 5-7 is different so it is important for you to know when its too much and to let your therapist know its too much!

    • Once the tolerance level becomes intolerable and is past the 5-7 range the session becomes counter-productive

  • Remember to breathe diaphragmatically throughout the session! It will enhance the therapeutic benefits of the session and help the body to initiate the tissue release

  • Communication is key!​

    • You know what you're feeling

    • Your therapist knows what they're feeling

    • Please let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any point in time or if you need an adjustment in pressure

  • Remember to try your best to relax​


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