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First Visit

Welcome to Paradise at Divine Healing From Genesis

Good Day and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in Divine Healing From Genesis


  • Required: Completion of Intake Form 

    • Emailed 48-hours prior to appointment

    • Incomplete forms day of appointment result in appointment cancellation

  • Required: Appointment Confirmation

    • Emailed 48-hours prior​​​ to appointment

  • Optional: Masks

    • ​If you would like your therapist to wear a mask during your session please communicate this in advance! 

  • Optional: Pre-Appointment Wellness Screening

  • Please be sure to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your first appointment so there is enough time to:

    • Locate the suite

    • Use the restroom

    • Go over the Intake Form

    • Ask/Answer any questions you may have


  • Required: Acknowledgment of policies in place will be "Step 3" in the Intake Form

  • Please read each policy carefully and be sure the Intake Form is completed at least 48-hours prior to your first appointment

    • General Liability Release

    • Cancellation Policy

    • Late Arrival Policy

    • Inappropriate Behavior Policy

    • COVID-19 Precautionary Release

    • Credit Card Authorization​



Become familiar with policies

Online Profile

Create your online profile!

Online Profile

  • Please be sure to become familiar with your online profile

  • If you need any assistance feel free to reach out at your convenience

With your online profile you will be able to:

  • Schedule appointments

  • Request to be added onto a Waitlist

    • If you would like to be contacted on a last minute cancellation, feel free to request addition to the Waitlist

    • Select which client to schedule for (Either yourself or a family member if you have created a "Family Profile")

    • Select "Genesis-" from the "Staff or Discipline" drop down menu

    • Select the appropriate session you want to schedule

    • Choose your available timeframe (Dates, Times, and Days of the Week)

    • Feel free to use the provided notes section to state the reason for your visit or anything you'd like to share

  • View upcoming appointments

  • View appointment history

  • Reschedule/Cancel Appointments

  • Add Family Members and Friends!

  • View any Required Forms that must be completed

  • Subscribe to your calendar

  • and so much more!​

How to Schedule​​

  • On the Online Booking Page:

    • Select the type of therapy from the left side or scroll down to the therapy of choice

    • Select duration of therapy session 

    • Calendar will automatically jump to first available date 

    • Select date and time that'll work best for you (Continue with one session or schedule multiple sessions at once)

    • Optional: Place valid credit card on file

    • Optional: Provide reason for visit

    • Select email/text reminders

    • Subscribe to your calendar

    • Review cancellation policy

    • Complete Intake Form

  • Family/Friends:

    • Please schedule family member/friend with their information.

    • It is important to schedule the client who will be receiving the therapy session appropriately so their bodies can be addressed accordingly!​

    • If the appointment is a surprise, feel free to contact your therapist so it can be planned and scheduled accordingly

How to Schedule

Schedule your appointment time!

How to Prepare

Remember to Breathe

How to Prepare

  • Please be prepared to review your Intake Form prior to the start of your appointment

    • It is important to your therapist to review your Intake Form and understand​ your Medical History and Massage Preferences

  • Whether you are wanting a therapeutic session, relaxation session, or combination of both please keep the following in mind:

    • It is important for you to be and feel comfortable at all times

    • If you are uncomfortable at any time, please let your therapist know

    • Please keep in mind that therapeutic benefits can be achieved with various pressures and techniques- Some of the most powerful techniques are only 5-grams of pressure! (weight of nickel)

    • Your body must be ready to receive the therapy

  • 1-10 Scale:​​​ It is important for you to be mindful and remain in a tolerable level of the "hurt so good".

    • A 5-7 is typically a good number to therapeutically stay in because you are able to breathe and relax through the therapeutic aspect of the session. 

    • Every client's 5-7 is different so it is important for you to know when its too much and to let your therapist know its too much!

    • Once the tolerance level becomes intolerable and is past the 5-7 range the session becomes counter-productive

  • Remember to breathe diaphragmatically throughout the session! It will enhance the therapeutic benefits of the session and help the body to initiate the tissue release

  • Communication is key!​

    • You know what you're feeling

    • Your therapist knows what they're feeling

    • Please let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any point in time or if you need an adjustment in pressure

  • Remember to try your best to relax​


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