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  • Phone Number: (954) 647-5943

    • *Text messages are preferred*​

    • Phones calls: Please leave a voicemail including your first and last name with a brief message

    • Phone calls will be returned in the order in which they are received

  • *Preferred Method of Contact: Text/Email

    • Your therapist is a local, independent therapist​ who is back-to-back with appointments on most, if not, all occasions

    • If you call and leave a voicemail- Rest assured your phone call will be returned.      I thank you for your patience in advance.

    • If you'd like assistance sooner rather than later, please feel free to text the number provided or email- Written communication is much easier to return in between appointments, before-hours, and after-hours


Divine Healing From Genesis Address: ​

4835 27th St W, Suite 220

Bradenton, Florida 34207

  • GPS will most likely bring you to the front of the building which is labeled "4835 West" Carter Psychology

  • Suite 220 is located on the East Side (Grassy Side)

  • If you park on the West side, you'll have to walk around to the East Side and take those stairs to second floor

    •  Located inside Lotus Massage and Skin Care (double glass doors)

  • Stair access only

    • West and East Stairs DO NOT connect

    • No Elevator or Wheelchair accessible ramp​

    • Please do not walk through the first floor (Carter Psychology)

Lifeguard Tower


*By Appointment Only*

Your Therapist is here for You!

First-Come, First-Served Scheduling.

Days and Times are flexible and vary based on scheduled appointments.

Your therapist sees appointments between

4-6 days a week.

As early as 7AM to as late as 9PM.

Depending on the week:

Sundays and Mondays are usually closed, sometimes Tuesdays as well.

Depending on the week:

Mondays and Tuesdays are open,

and Sunday is rarely open on special occasions.

  • Please feel free to openly communicate with your therapist​ as your therapist is here for you and your wellness

  • Please be sure to use the Online Booking Site as this is the best method of scheduling and is consistently updated

  • Please DO NOT call after midnight or before 7AM

  • If your message is urgent, please feel free to text or email and your therapist will get back to you at their earliest convenience

Thank you for your patience and understanding and I look forward to meeting and working for you soon!


Genesis is amazing.
One of the best massages I have ever had and I had a lot of them.
By the far the best in Bradenton,