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Pre|Post Surgical
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"Respect the bodies healing process"

Massage therapy post-surgical lymphatic drainage

Pre Surgery MLD Importance

  • Important to stimulate the lymphatic system and clear any underlying fluid retention

  • Once the body undergoes surgery it will naturally activate an inflammatory response

  • Addressing and preparing the body pre-surgery can improve the healing process post-surgery

Post Surgery MLD Importance

  • A side effect of surgical trauma is swelling

    • bodies natural response is the inflammatory phase of the healing process

  • Assists the healing process by

    • reducing swelling | fluid retention | bruising

    • increases the removal of cellular debris | other waste from the traumatized area

  • Reduces scar formation and build-up of fibrotic nodules

  • Improves skin texture and tone by boosting healing responses

  • Decreases the risk of infection by improving the immune response

  • Decreases pain, sensitivity, and touch-avoidance 

How soon should MLD start Post Surgery?

  • May start as early as 24 hours post-surgery for orthopedic patients
  • May start as early as 24-48 hours post surgery for Cosmetic/Reconstructive patients depending on surgery

How often should a patient recieve MLD Post Surgery?

  • As frequently as possible immediately after surgery is ideal

  • At least 3-times a week depending on inflammation and bruising 

  • Depending on the patient's healing process the amount of sessions will vary moving up to and forward 40+ days past surgery

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